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Introducing Colored Lens Caps, now available in a variety of vibrant colours to match your style and protect your lenses simultaneously! Elevate your photography game with a touch of personality while ensuring top-notch lens protection with our eye-catching colored lens caps.


🌈 Express Your Style: Say goodbye to plain black lens caps. These lens caps offers an exciting range of colors, allowing you to customize your camera gear to match your unique personality and creativity.


📸 Perfect Fit for Every Lens: Our colored lens caps come in multiple sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your entire lens collection. From the standard kit lenses to specialty glass.


💡 Quick and Easy Identification: Color-coded lens caps make it a breeze to identify your lenses at a glance. No more guessing games – you’ll always know which lens is attached to your camera.


🔒 Secure Snap-On Design: With the same reliable snap-on design, you can trust that your lenses will remain securely protected from scratches and dust, even in your busiest shoots.


🌟 Mix and Match: Get creative with your lens cap combinations! Match your lens caps to your camera body or create exciting contrasts – the possibilities are endless.


📐 Sleek and Lightweight: Colored lens caps maintain the same slim and lightweight design as our classic black caps, ensuring they won’t weigh you down during your photographic adventures.


🌬️ Dust and Debris Protection: In addition to their vibrant looks, colored lens caps form a formidable barrier against dust, moisture, and accidental smudges, preserving your lens’ optical performance.


Join countless photographers who have embraced the colorful side of photography with Colored Lens Caps. Protect your lenses in style and stand out from the crowd. Get ready to capture striking images with lenses that reflect your unique identity.


- Adding Focal length -

Please add your focal length in checkout notes.

For example: 50mm, 80mm, 100mm

Build Your Colored Lens Cap

€ 12,50Price
COLOR lens Mount
Color Outer Shell
  • - NL 7,50 | Free shipping for orders 20 euro

    - EU 15 | Free shipping for orders 50 euro

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